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About Reveal Research 

Who we are, what we do and our vision.

Reveal Research was founded in 2006 with a mission to provide marketing research solutions geared specifically towards the needs and budgets of smaller organizations in British Columbia. Customer and employee satisfaction studiestesting and tracking research, as well as web-based surveys are specialties of Reveal Research. By utilizing high-level technology and streamlined operations, we efficiently deliver actionable recommendations based on study findings and provide guidance on implementation. Business decisions need to be based on robust and reliable data. Our experience is evenly balanced between consumer and business research, providing a wealth of expertise on the most effective marketing research approach. Reveal will consider not only the business issues being addressed, but also the target audience, the most appropriate way to encourage respondent participation as well as effective data analysis and interpretation techniques. You will have the peace of mind that your business decisions are based on current, relevant and factual information. Professionalism is at the forefront of our activities; our full attention is applied to each individual project and to ensure that the highest industry standards are met at each stage of the research process. These goals can only be reached by always remembering that: In the eyes of our clients, the only reason for the existence of Reveal Research is to satisfy their business needs and curiosity.
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Reveal Research

Our Research Experts:

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Luke Zukowski
MBA | C.Mgr. | CAIP

Research Director

Veteran Vancouver researcher and data analyst, with two decades of experience in market research, marketing, web presence and business development.
Besides the entrepreneurial duties, Luke is in charge of research design, accuracy of data as well as quality and accessibility of study findings.


Juliana Koo

Client Services Manager

Expertise in customer relations and support as well as fantastic personality allows Juliana to ensure that communication with our clients is efficient and that they are fully satisfied with the work performed by Reveal.

AdiReidLinkedIn Photo

Adi Reid
BSc | MCom | CMRP

Research Consultant

With unequal dedication, Adi helps our clients to understand and implement recommendations derived from market research studies. Before returning to Vancouver, and joining Reveal he has worked with companies in Europe and USA developing satisfaction benchmarks and marketing strategies.